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If you are experiencing a problem with the sprinkler system we are here to help. The following are some of the common issues with sprinkler systems. 

Leaks. If you are experiencing a serious leak (and there is no fire), and property is being damaged, you will want to locate the "control" valve for the sprinkler system and shut it off, and open the "main drain." You'll need to call the fire alarm company to place the system on "test." Then you'll need to have a fire sprinkler company assess the situation, perform the repair, and place the system back in service. Note that a system may not be out of service more than a eight hours without performing a "fire watch" for the property. Local Jurisdictions will have guidelines for performing this fire watch.

Flow and Tamper Switches.  A flow switch on the system's riser is attached to the building's fire alarm system. When there is a flow of water through the system, this switch, after a delay of sixty seconds, is supposed to sound the building's alarms and notify the fire alarm's central station. This central station then notifies the Fire Department to dispatch a fire truck.  Flow switches are mechanical and they fail, either by not sending the signal or sending the signal too quickly (less than sixty seconds) and causing false alarms.  If the alarm company determines that the flow switch is faulty, we would be happy to provide a quote for this repair.
Tamper switches monitor the system's control valve, assuring that it remains in the "open" position.  These parts also fail. If the tamper switch needs replacing, we could promptly provide you with a quote and a repair.

Faulty Sprinkler heads. When painting, be sure to notify painters of the need to NOT paint the sprinkler heads. If painted, they'll need to be replaced. Also, they'll sometimes be coated with debris or grease from cooking equipment. 

Inspections. Sprinkler systems are required to be inspected on a regular basis by a licensed fire sprinkler contractor to ensure their proper operation. An inspection would involve checking that the system is not impaired by something such as a closed sprinkler control valve, checking that sprinkler heads are not corroded or painted, and that storage does not block the discharge of a sprinkler head.  During an inspection, the sprinkler system is flowed and pressures are recorded and an inspection tag will be placed on the control valve. Then, an inspection report will be provided to the building owner.  Owners should have a copy of NFPA 25 so as to be aware of their requirements and the requirements of the inspecting sprinkler contractor.
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